Monday, March 10, 2008

Sylbie & Sawyer

Sawyer's 1st Hair Cut

Mommy buzzed Sawyer's comb over off. Now he looks like a little man.

Dinner With Grandpa Carl & Grandma Sue

We went to Famous Dave's for dinner. You will see Sawyer eating his first rib and Sylbie the double fisted corn eater!

Sylbie After The Zoo.....Pooped!!!

Family Outing At Como Zoo In MN.

Mommy & Daddy took the kids to Como Zoo a few weeks back. There were not many animals out, but they did have a conservatory that made it feel like spring. There is a picture of a tiger, reindeer and sloth. The kids favorite was the gorilla's and the polar bear. The polar bear would swim in the water that you could watch from inside. Sylbie kept thinking he was going to come right through the glass.

My Nieces....Karena & Victoria

I went to visit Rob and his girls a couple weeks ago. This is a picture of them. I can't believe they are going to be 6 in November.

I AM BACK!!!!!

Finally...I am back. I had an issue with my Kodak Gallery Software so I was unable to retrive my pictures. My (in home) personal computer tech was able to assist me. Yeah!!!!